About us

The Play Coalition shows and presents products, ideas, gadgets and toys with social quirks, lend a light touch to weighty issues and explore the poetry of playfulness.

Look out for an energy saving fundamentalist attempting to pull the plug on excessive power consumption, named ‘The Martyr’. Household plants with artificial augmentation on the hunt for seasonal light rays with ‘Plantbot’. An antiquated twist that amplifies the personal audio experience with the ‘Earphonophone’ (online soon) and a ‘Privacy Scarf’ that creates an intimate cocoon for mobile phone use. Packaging becomes product with ‘Crunch Time’, a clock that illustrates the creative possibilities of frugal times (online soon). And uniforms are subverted with ‘SubtleTie’, a discreet necktie that is as close to not wearing one as most office jobs will allow.

Hi there! We are The Play Coalition! Our team includes: Greg, Rebecca, Kathy, Tina, Daniel and me Thomas. We are from Baltimore, USA.
We are all “discoverers and scientists” in our own lives every single day. We are innovator liker and gadget dude, who like crazy and amazing thing in all aspects of life, science and nature. This is our website and you are Welcome to read, learn and comment.

The Play Coalition

Serious news, play, innovation and gadgets in all around the Globe.

I am also a father. I love children’s laughter, mountain walks, cycling, crypto projects and my aquarium with colorful fish…

Thomas Robinson