Basic Maintenance Tips for Your Table Saw

The basic rule to enhance the durability of anything in your home is the same, maintain it in the most efficient way possible. whether it’s kitchen appliances, woodworking tools or any other kind of machine what so ever. It’s one to own something expensive and lofty but it’s another to keep it. In order to keep it, you need to take care of it and ensuring all the parts are in a prominent condition. Power tools including the table saw, demand attention and maintenance because care is better than regret since your mistakes can be boisterously costly sometimes. A machine that has been looked after performs proficiently while a machine that has been ignored will never be accurate, will always cause trouble and can even be responsible for an accident. There are some recommended procedures you can perform after a period of every six months to ensure the accuracy and proper function of your table saw but retaining a table saw in its best condition possible requires regular cleaning, examination and replacement of worn out components as soon as it is required.

Rip Fence Adjustment

The most crucial maintenance aspect mentioned by The Sharp Cut is safety! Because table saws are life threatening and rip fence’s maintenance is important because not only does its condition affect your safety, but the accuracy of your table saw as well. A misaligned fence can result in poor work output, safety hazards and dangerous kickbacks. Basically, the rip fence is supposed to be parallel to the blade and it’s our job to make sure it stays aligned to the blade. First of all make sure that the saw is not plugged in when you perform this procedure. You need a framing square that you will place right next to the blade after which you will unlock the rip fence by using the handle and move it towards the square and not the measurement through the rip scale. Bring the fence back to its former position and ratchet the framing square by 180 degrees to examine the other side. If the two measurements are not equal, then unscrew the fence and align it, retighten the screws and test it by making a few cuts.

Miter Slot Maintenance

If you want accurate crosscuts then you need to make sure that your miter slots’ alignment with the blade is parallel as well. There are a couple of ways to ensure that your miter slots are parallel to the blade. For this purpose, you need to ensure that your bar fits securely into the miter slot but moves smoothly in the slot. Some table saws have bars with inserts that are adjustable with a hex key but if your bar lacks this feature