Gate Keepers Solutions

Gate Keepers solutions

If you run a business that needs to keep track of labor costs and the time that your employees are putting in, you may benefit from time and attendance software. With this type of program, you can be sure of accurate reports, and reduce fraudulent overtime. There will be no need for manual processes anymore. Processing payroll will be easier, and will be more efficient. Payroll inflation will be greatly reduced and you won’t have to pay employees for unapproved overtime. 

There are so many features to time and attendance software. Business can keep track of absent days, vacation days, new hires and they can even have a salary and performance review. Weekly work summaries can be available which show total attendance and total hours worked. This programming is great in that it lets businesses see actual time versus adjusted and scheduled time. User security features accrual override, blockage at company level, employees assigned in managerial positions, and pay rate access. Regular staff employees may also have access to the program, but it can be regulated. They may be allowed full access or only partial.The employee features include the employees name and picture, different tracking ID’s, guaranteed hours by shift or hourly, and automatic pay increases on specific dates.

Gate Keepers solutions for business offices

Many and varied business solutions provides these business based technologies that help businesses manage all of their labor costs. Workforce productivity is guaranteed to be improved with this advanced technology programming. Businesses that choose to use these programs get the software, hardware, service and support that is crucial to running a great work environment. Software solutions such as Clockify, Toggl Track, Everhour, DeskTime, ClickTime, TimeCamp, Harvest, My Hours and etc. caters to many types of businesses. Hotels, resorts, clubs, municipalities, healthcare, industrial and educational institutions can all benefit from this state of the line software. There are software updates available, to keep the programs up to date.