Going to the Gym versus Working out at Home

There are many people that prefer to work out at a gym, and there are also others that would rather stay at home to exercise. What about you? Which option are you leaning towards?

Going to the Gym versus Working out at Home – The Pros and Cons

If you have not decided on that yet, below are each one’s pros and cons.


You will be spending some amount of money, regardless of which option you end up picking. The question is, “How much?”

To join a gym, you will be charged with a membership fee, a recurring expense that will add up throughout the months or years of you being a member. And, usually, this cost only covers the basic benefits, such as use of the standard gym facilities and equipment. For access to specialty classes and personal training services, you may have to pay more.

If creating your own home gym, you will need some training equipment, like dumbbells, an exercise mat, or a jumping rope. You will also need to do cardio so you must look up elliptical machine reviews, such as those provided by Indoor Ellipticals, to find out whether a Schwinn or another brand suits you best. A treadmill is another good cardio workout equipment to have, so do some research on that too. And, should you decide to purchase any of these, you will have them as a one-time expense and be able to use them for years.


One of the best things about gyms is that they have a more varied collection of exercise equipment for a wide range of workout routines compared to home gyms. They have bench presses for the chest, leg extension and leg abduction machines for the quads and glutes, hammer strength machines and cables and pulleys for a whole body workout, and many more.

However, there might be times when you will not be able to use them when you need to because they are already occupied and in use. When this happens, don’t you wish that you have your own one at home so that you can pick it up and start exercising any time you want to, for as long as you can?


You are lucky if there is a gym that is only a few minutes’ walk from your house. You do not have to deal with traffic and waste a lot of your time. But, what if you live a 15-minute drive from the closest gym in the city? Imagine driving back and forth every single day, using up at least half an hour, which is time that you would rather spend exercising. If you value your time and want to make the most out of every second of it, working out at home suits you better.


If you need peace and quiet to be able to focus on your workout, you might have to cross out that crowded gym in your area from your list. While there are gyms that offer a wonderful and motivating atmosphere, with people that respect others’ need for space and privacy while working out, there are also others that might be too noisy and distracting for you. So, it is better to just set up a home gym, where you can complete your training sessions without interruptions.