How to Ensure You Live in a Comfortable and Healthy Home

The environment of your home makes a big impact on your health and productivity. Ensuring the quality of your house environment can prove favorable under many circumstances, especially in the bedroom and for the sufferers of allergies and asthma because they require an environment free of contaminants capable of triggering their allergies.

Mentioned below are some ways of making your house environment healthier.

Controlling quality of air

installing a dehumidifierThe most frequent interaction we have with the atmosphere around us is through breathing. If the oxygen around us is contaminated, then inhaling can be hazardous for everyone occupying the house. The air we breathe might be contaminated with natural pollutants (such as pollen) or with manmade pollutants (such as smoke).

There is another factor that accounts for air pollution, growth of mold and dust mites that release spores which infiltrate the air. High humidity levels is the reasons of their growth on walls, under the sinks and in attics. Inhaling these spores can cause a variety of allergies. So by all means avoid a humid cellar, for instance by installing a dehumidifier, a competent device in order to prevent such calamity. It controls humidity around the rooms by removing water from atmosphere through condensation and consequently averts growth of mold. Use exhaust fans and open widows and chimneys while cooking to direct the smoke out, install air filters to cleanse the incoming air and battery operated carbon monoxide detectors. Remember that ventilation is the key.

Controlling water quality

Water is a basic need and essential to life. Investigate the quality of water you use at your home, either by contacting your providers or taking a sample and getting it tested. You can prevent sickness from water pollution by installing filtration systems that can remove contaminants like asbestos and radium.
Other Measures

Environmental protection agency (EPA) states that about 9% of the volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions are caused by paints, coatings and adhesives. While painting or sealing wood, look for low VOC emitting products. Mental health is as much as crucial as physical health. Sleep deprivation or noise pollution can cause disturbance to people’s productivity, ensure that the sound levels inside the house are under a safe range (70-80 decibels). If your house is near a construction site or a road swarming with traffic, consider installing sound proof windows. Childproofing the house can also be done by installing induction stoves and proper maintenance of electrical accessories. If you have a swimming pool then you must be careful about Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs).