Is An iPad Wall Mount Safe To Use?

iPad wall mount

I was one of the very first people in my circle of friends to purchase the Apple iPad and since then, I’ve built up a fairly decent reputation for being an iPad aficionado. Whenever someone asks me what my favorite iPad accessory is, they’re often surprised by my reply. My top-choice iPad accessory is not a pair of audiophile earphones or a snazzy iPad case, but a simple iPad wall mount. It’s the most practical accessory around. Many people ask me if the wall mounts from companies such as iPad Wall Bracket are safe to use, so I’ll address those concerns today.

Quite a few people are concerned about the sturdiness of iPad wall brackets. They’re afraid that the bracket will fall off the wall and shatter their precious screen. I’m pleased to announce that these concerns are completely unwarranted. A proper iPad wall mount will be fastened to the wall using screws. Even if you accidentally knock the mount with your elbow, your iPad will not come tumbling down.

Others are concerned about their iPad getting stolen, and this is perhaps a more legitimate concern. If you spend long hours watching videos on your wall-mounted iPad in cafes and in the office like I do, it’s all too easy to forget to take down your iPad when you’re done. That’s why I advise you to only purchase iPad wall mounts which can be locked. Those from iPad Wall Bracket, for instance, come with a hex screw that can only be unlocked using a unique key supplied with the bracket. A potential thief will not be able to even unlock the front panel without this key, so your iPad will remain safe.

If you’ve just purchased an iPad and are on the lookout for your first iPad accessory, make it a wall bracket. It’s affordable, it’s useful and as I’ve just proven, it’s a hundred percent safe to use.