One man buys too many iPads, banned for life

Over at ProtocolSnow there is a story on one man’s struggle to bring joy and happiness via the iPad to international customers, only to be banned for life from purchasing iPads. As a member of the NeoGaf gaming forum he noticed an interest from international users who wished to purchase iPads, and with the month delay they just could not seem to wait any longer. He decided he would do the noble deed, purchase the iPads for them, charge a little extra for shipping, taxes, and gas, and send them to these loyal Apple fans. What he didn’t realize was that there was a limit to how many iPads one customer could buy. The magic number is 2. Every customer is able to purchase a maximum of 2 iPads.

He was able to get his hands on 5 in total, 1 for himself and 4 for NeoGaf members. Upon another trip to the Apple store however the jig was up, they had finally noticed he had purchased more iPads then the two he was allowed to own. So how did the retailers decide to act? Banning him for life from iPad purchases. In fact when he got home he was treated to an e-mail saying his other orders were cancelled as well. The real question is does this mean he will be unable to purchase the 4G model? Will he be able to purchase any future iPad versions? I can only imagine the grudge will not be held for long, but at the same time it is a pretty entertaining story. Hit the link to read the story for yourself, the dialogue is definitely good for a giggle.