Water Softener Installation Is A Piece of Cake

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Is hard water being piped into your home? Hard water contains many undesirable minerals that can build up in your home’s water pipes and water tank and restrict water flow. It may also cause any household appliances that use water to malfunction. Common examples include rice cookers and coffee makers. That’s why the Kinetico water softener is making such big waves in the home improvement industry – it helps remove these unwanted minerals from your tap water and is incredibly easy to install.

In order to set up your new water softener, you’ll have to switch off your main water supply. There may still be residual water running through your internal pipelines, so you’ll have to turn on every tap and shower in your house till they run dry. You’ll also need to switch off your water heater for safety reasons.

The next step is to install a pipeline bypass system that will divert the water flow from the mains into the water softener for purification before it is redirected into the pipes for your household’s use. Your water softener will usually come with a two short pipes and two adapters. Simply connect the short pipe to the feed line pipe using one of the adapters, connect this pipe to the water softener and use the second pipe to connect the entire setup to the main pipeline. You will probably need to solder the pipes at each point of contact to ensure that the entire bypass system stays together. If you’re comfortable using power tools, this shouldn’t take more than half an hour.

Water Softener Installation

Lastly, you need to set up your brine tank. This involves inserting a line of tubing through the brine tank and into the drain. All the minerals that are removed from the hard water during treatment can then be drained out into the sewers. Remember to add some salt into the brine tank according to your manufacturer’s instructions or your water softener won’t work.

This innovative water softener can put an end to all your hard water problems. It’s super affordable and best of all, you don’t even need to hire a professional plumber to install the entire system – you can do it all by yourself and save a bundle on plumbing fees!