What Do Environmental Service Technicians Do?

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Environmental service technicians are skilled workers that specialize in various man-made cleanup situations that could affect the environment. They have a very broad job scope, with services offered varying from company to company. The services offered also vary by region. For example, environmental services CT does a lot of oil tank removals because that type of heating was popular in the colder regions of the country. These technicians will use large equipment to remove oil tanks, contamination, and many other things.

Environmental service technicians do a lot of work to clean up soil and other kinds of contamination. They are trained and certified to remove or replace underground oil and gas tanks. They also are able to replace above ground tanks. Soil and water testing are available for suspected contamination. In cases of contamination they can excavate the soil, remove all of the affected soil, and replace it with new soil. The results then are reported to the state where a certificate is issued stating there is no more contamination.

They remove lead paint, mold, and asbestos from houses. All of these things can cause the air quality to become toxic to those inside the home. The technicians have the ability to test dust, water, and paint for evidence of lead. They can then remove the contaminant and dispose of it properly. They have equipment to safely remove asbestos from homes as well.

environmental service technicians

In cases where mold is suspected, testing can be completed for mold spores and microbes. The mold can be killed and then removed from the home under the state guidelines. All services come with paperwork that certifies the home free of whatever contaminants were removed during the cleaning process.

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