Why do People Wear Sunglasses in the Dark?

We live in a glamorized society influenced by the big celebs and fashion icons, and wearing sunglasses is a norm in this society. If you are thinking that shades are made to be worn during the day, you need to correct yourself as more and more people have started wearing them in the dark at night for one reason or another.

The main reason behind wearing sunglasses in the dark is to look cool and stylish, after reading round and square sunglass reviews or following whatever style the hip hop artists and celebrities are wearing while going out to nightclubs. However, not everyone you see wearing sunglasses in the dark is following the celebs or hip-hop artists, there are many who wear them to overcome certain medical eye conditions and protect the health of their eyes.
Following are some of the medical reasons of wearing sunglasses in the dark:

Protection from Photophobia

Wear SunglassesPhotophobia is a medical condition in which people suffer from severe headaches and experience visual problems when exposed to bright lights. So, next time you see a person wearing sunglasses in the dark, he/she may be suffering from photophobia.

Recovery From Brain Injury

For many people who have suffered from a brain injury, exposure to bright light may lead to development of migraine, dizziness, or vision problems. They have to sleep all day or wear sunglasses in the dark on the advice of their doctor.

Protection from Dry-Eye Syndrome

Some people suffer from dry eyes syndrome in which the eyes quickly lose the wetness if exposed to bright light. Wearing sunglasses in the dark makes sure that they eyes remain wet and do not get dry easily.

Besides these, there may be several eyes conditions like a swollen eyes or a watery eye, which may push people to wear sunglasses even in the dark.